Apple Country Radio | Programming


Apple Country Radio will run programming limited only by the imagination and efforts of its volunteer producers and show hosts. Some examples of possible shows:

  • Variety: Morning drive time with news, music, school and weather information, traffic reports, local farm reports, and other helpful information to start each day;
  • Special Interest Shows: Parenting; gardening; sportsmen’s show; elder affairs; farming/agricultural show; Veterans’ Affairs; Travel/Tourism show;
  • School-Produced News/Sports: “White Tiger News” (Brookfield Elementary School students); “This week at Tantasqua” (Tantasqua Regional HS/Technical HS media and engineering students);
  • Spoken Word: “Letters from the Hill,” a series of dramatic readings from local historical documents; live radio drama; rebroadcasts of old-time public domain radio shows;
  • Cultural Programs: Arts calendar and event information; “Books Read Aloud” or book and author discussions; “Spotlight on Arts” previews and coverage of local concerts, fairs, shows, visiting lecturers and local artists; live, on-site broadcasts of cultural events such as parades, Memorial Day observances, historical re-enactments;
  • News/Public Affairs: “Business Roundtable”; “Hello, Neighbor,” a good-news interview show profiling notable area residents and public officials, “This Week/Month in Brookfield,” with in-depth stories focusing on a variety of topics not covered by other local media;
  • And, of course, Music of all Kinds: Albums and songs by local performers; live concerts from area venues; and shows airing such underserved music genres as swing/Big Band, rarities (historic recordings), Broadway/film original cast and soundtrack albums; children’s music; nostalgia; R&B, blues, novelty; traditional/roots; classical; and ethnic/world music, with priority given to local musical preferences.

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