Wish List: Other Equipment

Wish List: Other Equipment

We are also looking for used laptop and tower computers and flatscreen monitors in very good to excellent condition for our transmitter room, studios, music library and office. Are you upgrading your computer and have an older one that can run Windows 7? Would you like to donate it to the station? Email us and we’ll talk!

Note: Prices shown are from online retailers, the manufacturer’s respective websites, or (in the case of used equipment) from eBay. Essential items are in BOLD. We will gladly accept donations of used equipment for any items marked with an asterisk (*).

No, this isn't our studio--it's the Radio Room at the Brookfield Fire Department. But it's about the same kind of layout as our soon-to-be Studio A.

No, this isn’t our studio–it’s the Radio Room at the Brookfield Fire Department. But it’s the same basic layout as our soon-to-be Studio A.

Studio broadcast tables–laminate or Formica tops over plywood with bullnose wood edging. Installed atop legs, file cabinets or under-desk equipment racks. These will need to be custom-built to size for each studio. Donated labor/materials will be gratefully accepted!
Internet access/Streaming/Automation/Transmitter monitoring software
Ergonomic host chairs (2) for broadcast desks. Need to be height and tilt-adjustable.
Desktop and under-desk equipment “pods” Middle Atlantic or similar. Two per studio.
Gooseneck, Luxo-type or architect’s lamps with low-heat LED or fluorescent bulbs (for desks)*
Anti-static carpet chair mats*
Guest chairs for broadcast desks. To double as office seating. (DONATED! Thank you!)
Track lighting sets for studios and listening desk
Two-drawer file cabinet–lateral or regular*
36″ x 48″ cork bulletin board*
Electronics/computer tool kit
Soldering kit
CD/Vinyl/Cassette desk-top racks (DONATED! Thank you!)

Small desk with file drawer (DONATED! Thank you!)
Task chair or stool (DONATED! Thank you!)

CD Library Shelves.

Can someone out there build shelves like this for us?

An alcove with shelving for CDs and vinyl, and a workstation where show hosts can audition music and add music to the library.

Shelving for CDs, vinyl, cassettes–custom-built for the space.* (See photo)
CD player*
Cassette player*
Turntable with tone arm and dust cover. (Should be able to play LPs, 45s, 78s)*
Cartridge and needle for turntable above
Amplifier or amplifier/tuner combo*
PC Interface Mixer Preamp and Software For digitizing albums, cassettes for computerized music library. ($75.00)
Spin Clean vinyl record cleaning kit. ($125.00)
Stylus cleaning kit
Anti-static carpet chair mat* ($60.00)
Sturdy folding step stool*
Ear buds and headphones*
Desk and chair (DONATED! Thank you!)