Donate Stuff!

Donate Stuff!

A radio station doesn’t just appear out of nowhere. We’ve published lists of studio equipment and furniture and supplies we’ll need to get on the air, with model numbers and approximate retail prices where available. It’s a lot of items, but that means more opportunities to help us out! If you have any of these items, new or used, and would like to donate them to the station, contact us at and we’ll arrange for pick-up of your donation or a drop-off time at our studio.

All furniture and equipment donations must be in good condition and in working order. Please don’t drop off without prior approval, as we have limited space and must reserve the right to refuse what we don’t need or can’t use. If you’re not sure, feel free to email photos or descriptions when you contact us!


These are the big-ticket items. The FCC requires that some of this equipment be new, or fit an exacting standard of certification, so secondhand equipment won’t do. Cash donations are best, but if you own a business that sells any of these items we’ll gladly accept one or more as gifts!

Where it all will happen. Note: Studio A, a two-person booth, will be built out first. If we get the support, we will then build out a four-person Studio B, and convert Studio A to a production/news and backup studio.

This is a desk with equipment that will allow a DJ to audition music from our library for a show, including a computer, turntable, CD player, Mp3 player and electronics to allow for both the playing and digitization of vinyl and CDs to our music library, and to enable searches in our music library database.

The heart of a modern radio station of any size, besides a transmitter, antenna, and broadcast console, is increasingly its arsenal of computers. We’ll need PCs of various configurations for the Listening Station, for DJs to access their email and the Internet while on the air, to run streaming of our programs online, to automate the station during times when there’s no live programming, and for volunteers to use when performing operational duties around the office.

The main space at WACF-LP will be a place for volunteers to work and hang out, for DJs to research music and write their shows, for show guests and hosts to relax prior to going on air, and – in the case of emergency situations – to serve as a home away from home for station staff while covering disasters and weather-related emergencies on the air. In addition to desks, work lighting and chairs, we’ll need things like window coverings, comfy seating, office supplies and housekeeping equipment to keep the place looking organized, inviting and professional.