Apple Country Radio | News and Updates

WACF-LP, Brookfield, Massachusetts

That’s Apple Country Radio’s new FCC call sign, the legal station name that, combined with our town of license, will be our official station identification. As in, “This is Apple Country Radio, WACF-LP, Brookfield, Massachusetts, coming to you at 98.1 on your FM dial.” A.P.P.L.E. Seed, Inc., the station’s license holder, is now officially a […]

Come to our first-ever community meeting!

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We did it!

BREAKING: Apple Country Radio, Brookfield’s own low-power community radio station, has received its construction permit from the FCC! We now have 18 months to build our station, make our first broadcast on 98.1 FM, and get our license! Stay tuned for more details on how YOU can help bring community radio to Brookfield! Want to know […]

It’s Coming Soon!

Imagine… Brookfield’s own community radio station. Independent, non-commercial, volunteer-driven. Run by the community, for the community and beyond. A.P.P.L.E. Seed, Inc. is applying for an FCC license for our own low-power FM radio station, to inform, entertain and enrich listeners with locally-based news, music and community affairs programming. Arts, gardening, travel, current events, concerts, history, […]